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FriktionTek® is the trade name and trademark of a revolutionary ceramic-metal compound manufactured by XADO America, LLP., consisting of a magnesium silicate nano-particle technology that uses the science of tribology to bond on a molecular level to moving metal parts. FriktionTek® is wholly owned by US Envirotech, Inc. FriktionTek® is not a product of any authorized dealer, including Jiffy Lube® or its affiliates, and is not associated with them. US Envirotech, Inc. warrants its FriktionTek® products sold by our authorized dealers. However, authorized dealers do not separately warrant FriktionTek® products, and assumes no liability for the FriktionTek® products. Employees of our authorized dealers are trained and instructed in the proper method of application and installation of FriktionTek® products. FriktionTek® products are non-toxic and cannot cause harm to any engine parts or components, even if improperly installed. Any and all alleged liability for the improper application, installation and usage of all FriktionTek® products purchased at any authorized dealer location, are not warranted by or the responsibility of XADO America, LLP. or FriktionTek®

FriktionTek® Product Warranty

US EnviroTech, Inc. warrants its XADO Technology, Ltd. manufactured FriktionTek® products (Engine Treatment, Diesel Engine Treatment, Automatic Transmission Treatment, Manual Transmission/Differential Treatment and Power Steering Treatment) purchased from and installed at Jiffy Lube®, other authorized dealers or by the end-user, to be fit for use according to the form filled out by the purchaser and to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

US Envirotech, Inc offers a 100% money back guarantee, when FriktionTek® products are properly installed and used according to the applicable FriktionTek® product direction, that FriktionTek® products will reduce micro-abrasions and surface irregularities on all applicable internal engine components, and up to 60 thousandths of a micron on all applicable gear-box components. This warranty begins at 1,240 miles of engine use subsequent to proper installation and continues for one year of engine use or 65,000 miles of engine use, whichever occurs first. This warranty is not transferable and exists only for the vehicle owner at the tine of the installation of FriktionTek® products. FriktionTek® products are not lubricants; they are not a substitute for normal lubrication; and normal oil use and recommended oil changes should still be utilized; as such, US EnviroTech, Inc. does not warrant any engine or related parts or components for any type of lubrication-related failure. In addition, the use of FriktionTek products can substantially increase engine performance and power. US Envirotech, Inc strongly recommends that its products only be used in vehicles that have undergone regular routine maintenance. US Envirotech, Inc. shall not be liable for the failure of any mechanical parts as a result of the increase in vehicle performance and power as a result of the use of FriktionTek products. US EnviroTech, Inc. shall not be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, including, but not limited to damage or loss of other property or equipment, loss of profits or revenue, cost of capital, business interruption, lodging, towing, or cost of replacement equipment. The liability of XADO America, LLP arising out of the sale, delivery, installation, technical directions or recommendations of any FriktionTek® product whether in contract, tort, warranty or otherwise shall not exceed the value of the equipment in which the product(s) were used. To claim a refund, you must present your original sales receipt along with receipts of scheduled maintenance and any repairs to the location where FriktionTek® was purchased. The remedies to the purchaser herein are exclusive, and if not satisfactory, Purchaser agrees to mandatory binding Arbitration, under the laws of New Mexico.

If you have any questions or concerns about FriktionTek products, you can call toll free at 1-866-248-4880.