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FriktionTek® Ceramic Automatic Transmission Treatment

FriktionTek® Ceramic Automatic Transmission Treatment is the best way to eliminate slipping transmission problems, noise and hesitation.

FriktionTek® simultaneously cleans, restores and protects worn parts creating a smoother, more durable surface. It effectively optimizes performance while reducing friction and wear.

While the science is advanced, the application is simple. FriktionTek® works by applying a long-lasting ceramic-metal (cermet) surface to engines while you drive. It penetrates metal surfaces up to 30 microns deep and forms a strong new ceramic-metal bond.

By reducing friction and heat, the technology provides similar benefits to traditional lubricants but works in a completely different way. FriktionTek® does not modify the oil in any way. Instead, it modifies the surface structure of the metal to make it act more like a ceramic. Ceramic-metal alloys (known for their strength, durability, smoothness, high heat resistance and regenerative properties) have been used for decades in racing, industry, aviation and nuclear propulsion. With FriktionTek®, a ceramic-metal coating can now be applied without disassembly. By eliminating parts, labor and downtime , FriktionTek® provides a huge cost savings with the same benefit.


FriktionTek® resurfaces planetary gear set, clutch plates, torque converter, drum walls, oil pumps, valves and servo.

Treatment results:

Reduces or eliminates slipping automatic transmissions;

Reduces or eliminates noise, vibration and transmission shudder;

Decreases loads on automatic transmissions;

Increases performance level;

Improves accuracy of operation immediately (within 2 - 10 miles) and the process is complete in 1,250 miles;

Prolongs transmission life;

Reduces heat during operation;

Services transmissions with over 100,000 miles (that may not be eligible for regular transmission service);

Helps reduce fuel consumption;

Can be used in any hydraulic system;

Restores and protects metal-to-metal surfaces against wear;

Lasts up to 65,000 miles.


Technical Specs

FriktionTek® is an eco-friendly product. It is non-toxic and non-flammable. FriktionTek® Ceramic Engine oil additive consists of a natural ceramic compound suspended in a synthetic gel. It contains no PTFEs, metals, detergents, or waxes. Unlike some other ceramic treatments, FriktionTek® does not contain harmful additives like chlorines and carbons.

Due to the particle size, FriktionTek® cannot clog oil filters or hoses. It only works on metal surfaces and has no effect on fibrous material such as clutch plates, seals or gaskets. FriktionTek® is compatible with all automatic transmission fluid types and oil additives.


Warm your engine to its normal running temperature.

Add FriktionTek® to transmission fluid filler tube. To help the gel travel down the filler tube. we recommend that you warm the gel to 90ºF.

Drive for at least 15 minutes.

FriktionTek can be warmed by placing the sealed cartridge on your car's dashboard (use the defroster on high if it is cold) while warming engine. For sealed transmissions, take your vehicle to your local dealer or mechanic for installation.


Most vehicles: 18 ML cartridge

Long haul tractors: two 18 ML cartridges.